Tips for Heating and Cooling Your Wort

Heating and cooling your wort and temperature control in general are important when brewing beer.

Heating:  Use a gas stove if you have access to one.  This will heat the wort faster and be generally easier to control.  When adding liquid malt extract, turn the burner off of a gas stove or turn the burner off and remove the brew kettle from the hot burner of an electric stove.  This will prevent the malt from sticking to the bottom of the brew kettle and caramelizing from the high heat.

Cooling:  Use an ice bath to cool your wort.  Be sure to have plenty of ice available as the hot brew kettle will melt the ice quickly.  It is also nice to have some way to drain the water from the ice bath. This lets you replace water that has been warmed with fresh ice cold water and ice for maximum cooling.


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