Easy Bottle Cleaning

An easy way to clean your bottles is to rinse them with hot water right after you empty the beer from them.  If you pour your beer into a glass, don't wait until you have finished drinking the beer to rinse your bottle.  Rinse it right away with hot water.  Then, put some water in the bottle and let it sit.  When you accumulate a few dirty bottles this way, wash them all with the same cleaner you use for the rest of your beer brewing equipment.  You can use a bottle brush if you like.  Then rinse them well with hot water and let them dry.  Before you use them again, you just need to sanitize them.
This method doesn't give sediment time to dry at the bottom of the bottle and makes them much less frustrating to clean.  There are also many pieces of equipment on the market to make cleaning and drying bottles easier.  Your local brew shop may be able to suggest something.

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