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Removing Labels from Bottles

October 13, 2010

Used commercial beer bottles are a great source of bottles for your homebrew.  All you have to do is save the non-twist off bottles from your favorite micro-brew or ask your buddies to save theirs for you.  These bottles have labels on them and most homebrewers don’t want someone else’s label on their custom homebrew.  Here’s a simple and easy way to remove the labels.

1.  Put all the bottles upright in a big tub.

2.  Fill them with water and fill the tub with hot water above the level of the bottle labels.  Filling the bottles with water will prevent them from floating around too much.

3.  Let them sit overnight.

4.  Peal off the labels and dry the bottles.

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Beer Brewing Equipment Discounts

October 2, 2010
Did you know that many local brew shops have a "Brew Club"  or something similar?  This usually means that if you pay a small fee, you get a discount on all your purchases for a certain amount of time.  For example, my local brew shop offers a "Membership Card."  You give them $5, and you get 10% off of most purchases for one year.  This includes beer brewing equipment, ingredient kits, and many other items.


Raise your glasses! Five fall beer fests

October 1, 2010
Here is a nice CNN article about fall beer festivals.

The are probably lots of opportunities to learn about homebrew recipes and beer brewing equipment.