Patience is Key (and Temperature)

I recently brewed a Brewer’s Best English Browne Ale kit.   After 3 weeks of bottle conditioning, the beer was still completely flat.  After 5 weeks of bottle conditioning, it was still completely flat.  Needless to say, I was super disappointed as it was only supposed to take 3-4 weeks to bottle condition.

So, I started thinking about possible causes for this.  The bottles were in a cardboard box in the utility room of my basement.  It is winter in Minnesota and the cement floor in the utility room was very cold.  Maybe the bottles were actually colder than I thought they were and this was slowing down the bottle conditioning process.  So, I moved them to a different, carpeted, room.

I’m happy to report that this beer making kit turned out delicious.  The cold cement floor must have been keeping the bottles at a lower temperature than that of the rest of the room.  After another couple weeks on the carpeted floor, the beer turned out great.  Out of all the homebrew recipes available, this one definitely has a solid taste that appeals to many beer lovers.



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